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Since 2002 Natchitoches Parish has been a part of the Educational Leadership Institute (ELI) funded by The Rapides Foundation Education Initiative. ELI was designed to bring together a group of Central Louisiana educators including superintendents, administrators and teachers to share experiences from their school districts and learn about some of the best innovative educational practices from educational leaders across the country. The two Natchitoches Parish ELI teams have applied what they learned from the ELI sessions into their schools.


The Rapides Foundation launched the Systemic Initiative in Education to continue to strengthen district leadership teams as they accept responsibility for planning and implementing system-wide change within school districts.


The Natchitoches Parish Systemic Initiative funded by The Rapides Foundation Education Initiative builds upon effective leadership for increasing professional development in the areas of literacy and math. The total amount funded to Natchitoches Parish for 2005-06 is $235,673.00. Through affiliation with The Rapides Foundation’s Education Initiative, instructional excellence is encouraged and nurtured throughout the district as we strive to build leadership capacity and improve student academic performance.

Providing staff development opportunities is one of our top priorities.


All available workshops and seminars are listed here to keep our staff members up-to-date and involved in their continuing education pursuits.


There are currently no workshops being offered.



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