Gwendolyn Antee Hardison

Director of Federal Programs
Titles I - X
318-352-8389 Ext. 1213

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NPSB Title I Departmental Staff Listing


TBA, Supervisor of Federal Programs
318-352-8389, ext. 1214
Title I
State School Improvement , District Assistance Team, District Professional Development ("Highly Qualified"), Migrant Education, K-12 Accountability Rewards


Angela Henry, Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Phone:  318-352-2358 Ext. 1159


Laura McClain, Birth to Grade 3 Supervisor/SRCL Project

Phone: 318-352-8389 Ext. 1214

Fax: 318-357-0653


Julee Wright, Supervisor of Middle School (Grades 4-8)

Phone: 318-352-2358 Ext. 1177


Felicia Pinkney, Supervisor of High School (Grades 9 – 12)

Phone: 318-352-2358 Ext. 1190


Anita Dubois, Head of Child Welfare & Attendance and Supervisor of Technical Education
318-352-2358 Ext. 1175
Title IV
21st Century Community Learning Centers ("K.I.D.S C.I.T.Y.")
Title X
Homeless Children and Youth, Parent/Family Service Outreach


Linda Page, Director of Personnel
318-352-2358, ext. 1157
Title II
District Professional Development ("Highly Qualified/Teacher's Incentives and Rewards")

NPSB Title I Departmental Staff Listing (continued)

Jennifer Ingram, Coordinator/Intervention Specialist
318-352-2358 Ext. 1189
Title IV
Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities


Cassaundra Cole, Early Childhood Coordinator
Phone: 318-352-8389 Ext. 1221
Fax: 318-357-0653


Jennifer Karle, Cane River Children's Services Director
Title I
Site Coordination: Neglected and Delinquent


Cynthia Longmire, Title I Secretary/Technical Assistant
318-352-8389, ext. 1215


Mollie Rachal, Region V Data Specialist/Recruiter
318-352-8389, ext. 1211
Title I
Migrant Education
Reading Is Fundamental


Sharon Cobb, LA4 Resource Coordinator
318-352-8389 Ext. 1222
Title I
LA-4 Prekindergarten


Tywana Dupree, Federal Programs Accountant
318-352-2358, ext. 1170
Titles I – X


Sarah Allison, Acting School Nurse Coordinator
318- 238-3824
General Fund
School Nurses Program


Phyllis Scott, Principal of St. Mary's Catholic School
Title I
Site Coordination: Equitable Non-Public Services


Susan Dove, Receptionist
318-352-8389, ext. 1221
Titles I-X
Title VIII
Impact Aid, Medicaid Billing


Brittany Williams, Student Worker
318-352-8389, ext.1217