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PBIS Goldonna GOLD

We have reached the midway point for this nine weeks. Along with students bringing home progress reports for their academic performance we will be rewarding the students that have reached the GOLD at this halfway point for the nine weeks. To receive the GOLD, just like in the Olympics you must be performing at the top! You must meet all the expectations for your classroom, campus and bus; not only meeting these goals but EXCEEDING them. This WILL NOT be a mass reward as in the past with the bands. These GOLD students will receive a shirt to wear each Friday for a free dress down while wearing their GOLD shirt. This will entitle them for one nine weeks. The GOLD shirt must be earned each nine weeks.
Students have the opportunity four times this year to earn a GOLD shirt. Once earned they can earn extra badges to be applied to the shirt. A student that earn all four awards will earn the reward of dressing down for the remainder of the year, starting on the last reward date for the year.

Parents please realize that our PBIS program is transitioning. We are trying to recognize and reward more students on an ongoing basis. We do not want you to expect the program to run in the same way it did last year. Please expect changes.

PK and Kindergarten will have their own PBIS in place in the classroom. The teacher will send you an overview of PBIS for their grade.

Reward Trip
Twice a year we will have a reward trips for all students that have no minor infractions in JCampus for that trip semester.

Golden Ticket
Some of our students may not earn GOLD for the nine weeks but will still be able to earn other rewards. Every other week students displaying correct behaviors (sometimes with reminders) will be rewarded with a GOLDEN Friday experience in the gym, at the end of the day. This experience will include fun time in the gym or PBIS game room, as well as a popsicle.

Gold Bucks
This year we are working to provide a PBIS Jr. High School store on our campus for students. Teachers and other adults on campus will be rewarding students with Gold bucks randomly as they display responsible behaviors. These Gold bucks will work similar to money and students will save them up to earn rewards in the PBIS store. The elementary may spend their bucks in the classroom and hopefully later we can expand our store.

Classroom rewards and praise are also earned at any time throughout the school year. Most teachers have smaller rewards that just apply in their classroom for students that strive to show improvement in areas of need.

Random Dress Down Tickets Adults on campus that have seen students working towards improvement in certain areas of deficit may award a student a dress down pass for a specific day of that week or the next to reward them for all the effort they are putting forth to improve. Occasionally the entire campus may earn a random dress down pass because of a great week on campus

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