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4-H Pledge




4-H Program Categories

4-H projects and activities are categorized into eight nationally defined program (curriculum) areas as described below:

1. Citizenship and Civic Education

4-H members gain an understanding of democratic principles and explore the rights, privileges and responsibilities of U.S. Citizenship.  Emphasis is placed on the relationship of citizens to one another through community service, service learning, cultural education (exchanges, heritage and multicultural activities), and intergenerational programs.

2. Communications and Expressive Arts

Projects and activities in this area help 4-H members learn to express themselves clearly, confidently and creatively through public presentations, writing, photography, art, crafts, music and drama.

3. Consumer and Family Sciences

Home-centered projects and activities help 4-H members build the capacity to meet their changing needs as they grow individually and progress through the stages of family life.  Youth learn about human development, interpersonal relations and the management of resources through projects in child care and babysitting, clothing and textiles, consumer education, home environment, parenting and family life.

4. Environmental Education and Earth Sciences

Projects and activities are designed to create environmental awareness and build a commitment to environmental stewardship.  4-H members learn about nature and ecology, wildlife and geology, water, weather and soils, composting and recycling, energy production and the responsible use of natural resources for recreational and economic purposes.  Many kinds of outdoor recreational activities are used as educational vehicles in this program area.

5. Healthy Lifestyles Education

Through this program area young people are enabled to accept responsibility for maintaining and improving their physical, intellectual, emotional and social health and to acquire patterns of living that foster concern for health, nutrition, fitness, safety and quality of life for themselves and others.

6. Personal Development and Leadership

Youth explore and learn about themselves, set personal goals, develop life skills and competencies, interact with peers, develop social and leadership skills, develop personal values and ethical character traits.  Development of these skills and characteristics is often the focus of special youth conferences, workshops, camping experiences and other group events and activities.

7. Plants and Animals

Youth are introduced to biological principles, breeding, growth, processing, marketing and consumer utilization of food, fiber, and non-food products and services through projects and activities related to gardening, pets, livestock, horses, poultry and aquaculture.

8. Science and Technology

Through this program youth experience fundamental scientific processes, learn basic principles and develop skills needed to solve technical problems. Project areas include biological sciences, physical sciences, technology and engineering (aerospace, automotive, bicycle, computers, electricity and electronics, engines, wood science and industrial arts).


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