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Please visit the HELP Page provided on the NPSB PCC site.


You may be able to find information and answers about your technical issue there.

If you do not find the information you are looking for on the NPSB PCC Help Page, please fill out the form below and submit your request details to The NPSB PCC Support Team.


If your issue pertains to personal and/or student information changes, please contact any NPSB school in which you have a child enrolled. All demographic data changes are handled at the school level.



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ATTENTION: In order to properly and securely process your request, the information you provide below must match our official Student Information System records. If your or your child's personal information has changed recently, please contact your child's NPSB school to update your information before you submit your request for technical support.


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2. PCC & GAGGLE Username / E-mail Address, Firstname Lastname, Student ID Number, Student Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy), School Name, Grade






NPSB Parent Command Center (PCC)

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* Please CHECK any of the following that best describe your issue.

I have not received my account information.
I misplaced my account information.
The system asked me to reset my password. I changed it and now I can't login with the password that I created.
While logged into the system I reset my password and the new password is not working.
I used the Forgot Password? Feature on the PCC and do not know how to retreive my temporary password.
This happened on my first login attempt.
I have been able to successfully login until now.
Username and/or Password Not Working.
Other (please describe below)



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5. All printed copies that have no further value shall be shredded and NOT placed in any trash receptacle




If you click "Submit My Technical Support Request" and nothing happens, scroll up to read any error messages that have appeared. They will tell you which fields need attention in order to successfully submit your request.