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A Message from the NPSB Superintendent for Parents & Guardians

Understanding the Common Core State Standards


Parents and Guardians,

As you all know, our teachers and students have been implementing the new Common Core State Standards curriculum this year.  This means the way we have taught and the level of work conducted in the classroom has advanced.  Because we know parents are the most important factor in student success, we have provided a list of resources below to help you understand what Common Core Standards are and how you can support your child in this new curriculum.  Please take a few minutes and peruse the information provided, and do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.



Sincerely yours,

Dr. Derwood Duke



Five Resources to Help Parents Understand the Common Core

1. Learning to Read the Core with Sarah Brown Wessling: Even though this webinar is for teachers, many parents have found it straightforward and accessible.

2. PTA: Parent’s Guide to Student Success (available in Spanish too): These concise documents will give an overview of Common Core throughout the grades in parent-friendly terms.

3. Parent Road Maps to the Common Core from Council of the Great City Schools: With more detail than the PTA guides, these maps — ELA and Math — hone in on some standards and offer ways to connect with them at home too.

4. Frequently Asked Questions on the Common Core: From the writers of Common Core, this page addresses questions they often field.

5. CCSS Changes and their Impact on TeachingRead and listen as I address some of your questions about the Core’s impact on the classroom.