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Like so many teachers in the state, we understand the pressure and limited time available to create a curriculum from scratch. The Classroom Support Toolbox was created by teachers for teachers, to address the challenge of planning in a time of transition. As we prepare to implement the Common Core State Standards next year, the toolbox can serve as a teacher's first stop in planning what, when, and how to teach.


As you explore the toolbox, consider your classroom and all of the possibilities to create a positive, rigorous, and exciting learning environment for your students. The Common Core State Standards are changing the way teachers and students engage in teaching and learning. While the process of implementing new standards can be daunting, we owe it to all our students to expect greatness and to believe it is possible. If you haven't taken the leap yet, this is your opportunity to plan for the Common Core.



Amanda Bundrick, Caddo Heights Math/Science Elementary, Caddo Parish

Angelle Lailhengue, Lacoste Elementary, St. Bernard Parish

Chanda Johnson, Midland High School, Acadia Parish

Julie Stephenson, Ruston High School, Lincoln Parish

Kim Shackelford, Instructional coach, Lincoln Parish

Lee Ann Wall, Iota Middle School, Acadia Parish

Rebecca Freeland, Morehouse Alternative School, Morehouse Parish

Sharon Necaise, West Feliciana High School, West Feliciana Parish




Louisiana Believes!


The Instructional Video Library is an online tool that brings the Compass rubric and its instructional expectations to life.



The Video Library includes examples of instruction at different levels of the rubric, and is designed to help educators build observation and feedback skills.


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wwwIconClassroom Support Toolbox


Created by teachers for teachers to provide support during the transition to the Common Core State Standards, the Classroom Support Toolbox is available at louisianabelieves.com


What is the Toolbox and Why Now? 

A compilation of assessment, curriculum, and instructional resources, the toolbox ends top-down curriculum that tells teachers how and what to teach. Instead, it supports teachers by providing tools to plan, assess, and reflect. The toolbox brings together curriculum, assessment, and Compass tools, giving teachers the freedom to select and create from a number of resources while ensuring curriculum and assessment guidance is clear and simple.


Questions or Feedback 

Please e-mail classroomsupporttoolbox@la.gov with your questions or comments. 


Thank You to all of the educators who helped create the Classroom Support Toolbox.

Chanda Johnson

Serena White

Lee Ann Wall

Lissa Dumas

Lori Lemons

Rebecca Freeland

Anita Szombathelyi

Carrie Massey

Amanda Bundrick

Nancy Dever

Emma Jordan

Laurie Carlton

Judy Vail

Angelle Lailhengue

Kathy Noel

Mary Lumetta

Kelley LeBlanc

Bonnie Bourg

Amy Deslattes

Alice Versher

Linda Fonger

Elena Marina

Penny Gennuso

Fan Disher

Susan Kahn

Linda Greene

Vickie Hebert

Sam Johnson

Danielle Fisher

Susan Herrington

Kim Shackelford

Sharon Necaise

Julie Stephenson

Laree Taylor

C. Kyle Falting

Tammy Wood

Ramona Adams

Kaycee Eckhardt

Karen Kelley Parrino

Lauran Hihar



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