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From the Louisiana Pass Website:
"The PASS System contains web-based programs that Louisiana students can use to learn new skills and take practice tests.

The Reading Runway: Reading tutorials for Prekindergarten–grade 3 students

Newton's Classroom: Mathematics tutorials and assessments for grades 1–8 students

PASS: Practice tests for LEAP, iLEAP, GEE, and EOC with instructional feedback for grades 3–12"




Visit the U.S. Department of Education NCLB/ESEA Page to find out more.



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Visit the LDOE School & District Accountability Webpage to see the State's entire Accountability Structure and Search Options.


The LDOE offers detailed reports, comparisons and information on all testing and accountability related topics.


Downloadable reports are available in Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Excel Formats.




For detailed information on state and federal level support and funding for K - 12 education, visit the Funding Area on the Louisiana Department of Education website.


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adobePDFiconlargeThe Natchitoches Times reports:

"Natchitoches Parish schools show marked improvement on 2012 School Performance Scores"


adobePDFiconlargeFrequently Asked Questions about District Accountability


Superintendent Dr. Derwood Duke and the Natchitoches Parish School Board would like to extend thanks to the faculty, staff, administration, parents, and school community for their dedication to the children of Natchitoches Parish. School Performance Scores were released this week, and Natchitoches Parish students showed significant growth in achievement. The district has grown 10.6 points bringing them from an 83.9 to a 94.5, and this could not have happened without hard work and dedication in the schools as well as support provided by parents and community members. Our schools are the heart of our community, and we are so very pleased to have made such enormous gains this year. The increases represent more than just numbers. They solidify the notion that more of our students can read, write, and utilize problem-solving skills proficiently, and this is the most rewarding facet related to our test scores. We believe in the children of Natchitoches Parish, and our teachers are working harder than ever to face the challenges of the new programs and initiatives being placed on them. This is evident in the fact that thirteen out of fifteen of the schools in the district showed marked improvement this year, and four schools (Magnet, Lakeview High School, Natchitoches Central High School, and NSU Middle Lab) were awarded highest honors for their growth by the Louisiana Department of Education this school year. To the faculty and staff, we say thank you for the work you have done, and we believe the best is yet to come. To the parents and the school community, we say we appreciate the support you have shown for our administrators and teachers. No one person or entity can take credit for the gains made this year. Rather, the extreme progress that has been made is a direct result of all of us working together for a common goal-to improve the quality of education for our children. We look forward to working closely with all of you again this school year, and we are confident that we as a community will once again reap the benefits of supporting our schools and our children.


adobePDFiconlargeLA Educational Assessment Program (2013-2014 Testing Schedule)


adobePDFiconlargeStudent Assistance Team (SAT) Policy & Procedures Manual




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